Branch Collect, a series of wire slicers and cutters made with branches collected in different regions designed by London-based Liang-Jung Chen, who had previously lived in Taiwan and Denmark. ‘Rooted in the rigorous research into the similarity in cooking culture between Europe and Asia, I looked to tofu, my favourite food, for inspiration.' Chen mentioned. ‘I later discovered the process of tofu making shares a lot in common with cheese making, which is an important part of French/Mediterranean cuisine.’

Drawing an analogy between tofu making tools and the organic structure of the tree, Chen imagined a series of slicers of various sizes and usages within the natural forms. Several trips into nature were planned to search for branches of all shapes and seven of them were transformed into wire slicers. Each branch offers an unexpected way of slicing and cutting.

When not in use, the slicers become finely-framed artworks on the wall. The series serves as an invitation to appreciate the ingenious beauty hidden within trees that we have all taken for granted for a long time.