teamed up with william morris design line and black horse workshop, a series of workshop was curated with an aim to cultivate 'upcycling intelligence (UQ)'. the participants experienced the whole design process in one day, which includes: introduction to the design approach, hardware selection, idea brainstorming and design, and making.

about blackhorse workshop

blackhorse workshop is a public space dedicated to making and mending, just half an hour from the centre of London. Aiming to become a socially pioneering world class centre for making, the workshop offers open access to a fully equipped wood and metal workshop. Machinery support is on hand from the highly skilled technicians, and here you can build or fix anything from broken chairs to theatrical sets, bikes and furniture – and where you can grow your startup with the support of industry expertise and a community of makers.

about william morris design line|

inspired by morris’s statement ‘art made by the people and for the people’, this first year focuses on the local community coming together to celebrate creativity, resilience and inspire future young creatives. this unique design-led route uses new and existing street art to connect different areas, alongside a series of new design collaborations, events and street interventions.

william morris’s design principles provide the core themes connecting different design activities en route, weaving together a creative journey through the area, taking people along the main roads of wood street, down the forest road up to blackhorse road.